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Rev. Lester Wolfgram, Pastor
Rev. Justin Woodside, Pastor

Advent III
December 13th, 2020


Divine Service Service Of Prayer and Preaching LSB 260
Opening Hymn:   “Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Mighty Gates”   LSB 341
Hymn Of  The Day:   “When All The World Was Cursed”   LSB 346
Closing Hymn:   “Hark The Glad Sound”   LSB 349



Preacher:   Pastor  Les Wolfgram
Liturgist:   Pastor  Les Wolfgram
Elder: Kevin Olson
Accompanist: Shirley Cook/Denise Wolfgram  
Acolyte 8:15 AM Zeva B.
10:45 AM Mathew P.

WELCOME!!  We are glad that you have joined us this morning as we lift up our hearts and voices in response to God’s great gift of forgiveness and life in Christ Jesus.  If you are a visitor, please sign our guest book and introduce yourself to Pastor Les Wolfgram and Pastor Justin Woodside.

YOUTH FROM THE CONGREGATION will be packing Christmas Care Packages for students at Wachter Middle School Sunday afternoon starting at 12:45.   Students in Middle School and High School from Bethel Lutheran will also be joining us.   Pastor Woodside will lead a Bible study and lunch will be served prior to sorting and packing the Christmas bags.  Thank you for your support of this wonderful way of sharing Christ with those in need in our community.  

THE STORAGE SHED project will be wrapping up soon.  Doors are on order and will be installed when they arrive.  Thanks to all who have supported Grayson Lawyer with your financial contributions to help cover the cost of materials for his Eagle Scout project.  

WE WILL OFFER two opportunities to worship on Christmas Eve so that we can keep our distance and keep safe.  Service times will be 4:00pm and 6:30pm.  We will also celebrate Jesus’ birth on Christmas Day with 9:00am Divine Service including the Lord’s Supper.   There will be no Wednesday night service on December 23rd.  

“CHILDREN’S CHRISTMAS PROGRAM 2020” The Sunday School Children’s program, like most things this year, will look a little different than in past years! We will be having a hybrid performance at the 10:45 service on December 20. Those students in attendance that day will lead us in hymns, while interspersed with a video telling of the nativity story from both confirmation and Sunday School students. For all following Christmas services, we will show both the Nativity Story video, as well as a video of the live singing performance. We are thrilled, and thank our families for their hard work during these times!  This is also a reminder to all confirmation and Sunday School families that there is still time to record their videos (Parents, check your Junk email) and send them either to Sam or Michelle. Thank you for your cooperation and participation!”

SHEPHERD OF THE VALLEY will recognize “Faith and Blue” as we support law enforcement.  Major Tom Iverson from the North Dakota Highway Patrol will be present during the education hour to tell us about his vocation as peace officer.  Please join us to hear how Major Iverson and other officers deal with the stressors of the job as they serve and protect the public.   

WE CONTINUE TO support the Women’s Care Center during the fourth quarter with One percent of our offerings through our human care efforts.  Please remember the counselors and staff in your prayers as they provide life-saving care for women who are expecting a child.

SUNDAY SCHOOL CHILDREN will participate in the worship service on December 20 as part of our celebration of Christ’s birth.  Our Sunday School staff is working with families to record students presenting portions of the Christmas account for presentation on the 20th

THE POINSETTIAS IN THE chancel are a wonderful blessing as they enhance the beauty of our sanctuary during the Advent season.  While we did not ask for sponsors to purchase poinsettias in honor or memory of a loved one, we are seeking financial donations to help defray the cost of these beautiful plants.  Simply note “poinsettias” in the memo on your check or on your offering envelope.  


Sunday 8:15am Divine Service
9:30am Education Hour
10:45am Divine Service
12:30pm Youth pack Christmas bags
Wednesday 5:30pm Confirmation
Saturday 8:30am Board of Elders
Next Sunday *8:15am Divine Service
9:30am Education Hour
*10:45am Divine Service