Winter 2020/2021

Advent and the Church Year

The word “advent” is from the Latin word for “coming,” and as such, describes the “coming” of our Lord Jesus Christ into the flesh.

Advent begins the church year because the church year begins where Jesus’ earthly life began — in the Old Testament prophecies of his incarnation. After Advent comes Christmas, which is about his birth; then Epiphany, about his miracles and ministry; then Lent, about his Calvary-bound mission; then Easter, about his resurrection and the sending of the apostles; and then Ascension (40 days after Easter) and Pentecost, with the sending of the Holy Spirit.

The first half of the church year (approximately December through June) highlights the life of Christ. The second half (approximately June through November) highlights the teachings of Christ. The parables and miracles play a big part here. That’s “the church year in a nutshell,” and it should help reveal how Advent fits into “the big picture.”

Advent specifically focuses on Christ’s “coming,” but Christ’s coming manifests itself among us in three ways — past, present, and future.

The readings which highlight Christ’s coming in the past focus on the Old Testament prophecies of his incarnation at Bethlehem. The readings, which highlight Christ’s coming in the future, focus on his “second coming” on the Last Day at the end of time. And the readings that highlight Christ’s coming in the present focus on his ministry among us through Word and Sacrament today.

The purple candles matched the purple/blue paraments on the altar (purple for the royalty of the coming King). Each Sunday in Advent has a different focus based on the appointed Scripture readings for the day. A candle is lit for each of the services as Christmas draws near. The themes revolve around hope, peace, joy, and love. The pink candle is the third candle to be lit (not the fourth) on Gaudete Sunday, the Third Sunday of Advent. “Gaudete” means “Rejoice!” in Latin, which is taken from Phil. 4:4.

(“Rejoice! … the Lord is near”). Hence a “pink” candle was used to signify “rejoicing.” Some also included a white “Christ candle” in the middle to be lit during the 12 days of Christmas (Dec. 25 to Jan. 5).

Our celebration of the Savior’s birth will culminate with services of celebration on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. On Christmas Eve, we are adding a service to give the opportunity to socially distance. Service times are 4:00 pm and 6:30 pm on December 24th, Christmas Eve. A service including the Lord’s Supper will take place on Christmas Day at 9:00 am. There will be no mid-week Wednesday service on December 23rd.

LC-MS North Dakota District Convention Postponed

Due to concerns over the Corona Virus the ND District convention that had been scheduled for December 25-27 in Fargo has been postponed to January 2022. The current elected officers will remain in office until the 2022 convention.

Narcotics Anonymous

A group of individuals who are recovering from addition to narcotics meet each Monday night at the Salvation Army. However, during the month of December, the Salvation Army building is not available for their use. As a result, they have asked if they might use our building on Monday evening each week in December. We are grateful for the opportunity to provide a meeting space for this support group to encourage one another and hold each other accountable. We pray that the Lord would give them the strength to resist temptation even as He draws them to Him as Lord and Savior.


Faith and Blue 

On December 13 Shepherd of the Valley will recognize Faith and Blue as Major Tom Iverson from the ND Highway Patrol will be present to tell us about his role in law enforcement during the education hour. This will be an opportunity for members of our congregation to learn about the struggles and joys of law enforcement. We will also hear practical ways that we can support law enforcement personnel.


Shed Update 

I am Grayson Lawyer, for the past 3 months I have been building the shed next to the church as part of my Eagle Scout Project. All that is left is to attach doors , shingle the roof and paint the sides. But due to the delays caused by Covid, the final painting and landscaping will be done in the spring. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed, and for your continued support as we finish this project.


Middle School/ HIgh School Event! 

The youth of Shepherd of the Valley and Bethel are invited to a youth group event on Sunday December 13th. We will meet after church at 1:00 at Shepherd of the Valley. Pastor Woodside will lead a Bible study on the topic “The HIstorical Jesus: How do we Know that He was Who He said He Was?” Lunch will also be provided. Afterwards we will all work together to put together Christmas bags for Wachter MIddle School students. It is a great opportunity to share the love of Christ with our neighbors!  RSVP to : or call or text me at 951-217-3385!


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; for His steadfast love endures forever!

1 Chronicles 29:13 

With all that is going on in the world today we still have so much to be thankful for. One of those many blessings is our financial position at Shepherd of the Valley. Even through the current Covid-19 pandemic and it’s affects on lives and economy, you continue to be faithful in supporting the operations of the church and the ongoing sharing of the gospel through your financial gifts. And for this, we are eternally grateful!

Your Brother in Christ,

Doug Hintz


December-January Acolytes

*Dec 6       Kallen H.                                                                       815am

Reese D.                                                                       1045am


Dec 13       Zeva B.                                                                          815am

Mathew P.                                                                    1045am


*Dec 20     Blake N.                                                                        815am

Makenna B.                                                                  1045am


Dec 27       Dax L.                                                                            815am

Brekken Z.                                                                    1045am


*Jan 3        Taylor B.                                                                       815am

Gavin V.                                                                        1045am


Jan 10        Jensen H.                                                                      815am

Shaylee C.                                                                     1045am


*Jan 17      Jason C.                                                                         815am

Daisy A.                                                                         1045am


Jan 24        Reese D.                                                                        815am

Kallen H.                                                                       1045am


*Jan 31      Zeva B.                                                                          815am

Mathew P.                                                                    1045am



Dan Jackson              12/1

Beth Robinson          12/2

Nate Harling             12/2

Kennedy Williams     12/2

Donte Brewer            12/4

Norman Sorge           12/4

Paul Pansegrau          12/4

Jeremy Kuusisto        12/5

Curt Carlson             12/7

Clair Sorge                12/7

Pat Hintz                   12/8

Doris Weidrich          12/8

Lonny Lang               12/9

Dwight Cook            12/14

Jesse Kitzman           12/14

Kristin Vranicar        12/18

Shirley Cook             12/19

Don Albrecht            12/24

Adam Dever              12/24

Tammy Urness          12/27

Patrick Reiman          12/31




Robert Kramer                         12/1

Jason Kuusisto                         12/1

Blake Nelson                           12/3

Hudson Hintz                           12/5

Keaton Hintz                            12/5

Logan Peterson                        12/5

Susan Brockel                          12/10

Roger Lawyer                           12/10

Arlan Kostek                           12/13

Becky Gildea                           12/14

Shari Zeis                                 12/14

Clair Sorge                               12/15

Darlene Kautzman                    12/21

Emma Lewis                            12/24

Adam Dever                             12/25

Jordon Kitzman                        12/25

Jaden Austin                            12/27

Jeremy Kuusisto                       12/27



December Elders

1-15   Kevin Olson                  301-7194

16-30 Craig Helm                   224-1605


December Anniversaries

Jacob & Jayne Fetzer                          12/12/88

Dennis & Gloria Dollinger                 12/19/89

Melvin & Marilyn Sutheimer              12/28/74

Brad & Darlene Kautzman                 12/30/82

Dale & LaDonna Kitzman                  12/30/82

Due to covid we are using single prepackaged treats for fellowship . Donations of treats or money in basket is appreciated. It cost around $15 for treats and coffee each Sunday. Thanks! Any questions: Cathy Sitter 400-5545 or Pam Dever 391-6332. Stewardship.


January Elders




January Anniversaries

Joel & Brittni Williams              1-05-12


Due to covid we are using single prepackaged treats for fellowship . Donations of treats or money in basket is appreciated. It cost around $15 for treats and coffee each Sunday. Thanks! Any questions: Cathy Sitter 400-5545 or Pam Dever 391-6332. Stewardship.

Lucas Borneman

Kristina Hausauer

Jacob Fetzer

Sherrald Kostek

Steph Issak

Don Gienger

Shaylee Issak

Sara Kapp

Luella Richter

Alice Ganskop

Corrin Fahrni

Matthew Kalonick

John Hoffman

Cindy Bittner

Joshua Lawyer

Larry Walker

Kallen Hintz


Doris Weidrich                  1-12

Leona Mittag                      1-13

Dwight Cook                      1-19

Patrick Reiman                 1-20

Kristina Hausauer            1-29