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Monthly Newsletter of Shepherd of the Valley LCMS
801 E Denver Avenue, Bismarck ND 58504
July 2019

It has been quite an eventful year here in Bismarck! It’s funny, because when I would first tell people that my Vicarage was going to be in North Dakota, everyone warned me about how cold it was going to be. I won’t lie . . . it was COLD. But the truth is that my family and I really enjoyed it. The snow, the people, and the city itself.
As we prepare to leave here and head back to Fort Wayne, I wanted to thank everyone here for being so welcoming and helpful to us. I don’t think I’ve ever come across nicer people than I have here in Bismarck. Not only that, but it was a pleasure working with my two Supervising Pastors, Pastor Walla and Pastor Wolfgram. They provided me with a number different ways to grow and learn as I prepare for ministry in the coming years. Through being a part of two congregations I had the opportunity to see how different congregations work together and function in different ways. The result being that it gave the effect of having two Vicarages. I also served in leading liturgy, preaching and teaching a number of Bible studies and Confirmation lessons. Weekly visits to shut-ins and the Detention Center were also a great experience for me, and hopefully a blessing to those visited.
My family and I are sad to go. We know that God will send me, ultimately, where He wants me to serve, but I know that I speak for both my wife and myself when I say that we will greatly miss our time spent here in Bismarck!
Blessings in Christ,
Vicar Woodside


We pray God’s rich blessing on Rev. Jeffrey Kyler who was ordained and installed as pastor at Mount Olive Lutheran Church, Bovey, MN. He will also serve Grace Lutheran Church in Marble, MN.





Shepherd of the Valley Vacation Bible School took place May 28- 30, 9 am till 12 with an 11:30 Ascension Day Service the final day as our closing program. We had 18 kids signed up and had almost perfect attendance all three days. The theme was “Miraculous Missions: God Saves the World” and the kids rotated through Music, Snacks, Games, Crafts, and the Bible Challenge learning how God Saves the World. Huge thanks to Carrie for really taking charge of VBS and putting on such a great program. Thanks also to Pastor for guiding us through our opening and closing sessions, and to our station leaders: Vicar Woodside, Shirley, LeRae, and Tabitha, as well as our many youth helpers who lead the kids through their days. Thank you to all the parents and guardians for allowing us to minister to their children through Shepherd of the Valley VBS and we look forward to seeing them again next summer! Have a blessed year!

We had an amazing group of teachers, helpers, and students who made “Miraculous Mission” a great success!


Our last day of Sunday School was May 19 and we already cannot wait until Rally Day, September 8! The 2018-2019 Sunday School year we had 36 kids signed up split between PreK, grades K-1st, 2nd-3rd, and 4th-5th. Our daily schedule this year included an opening, then the two younger groups would have music while the older kids did their lessons, then half way through we would switch music and lessons, before coming together for closing prayer and discussion. Huge thanks to Tony and Michelle for leading us fearlessly through the Sunday School year! As always we appreciate our teachers, Logan, Becky, Sara, and Uriah and our music leader Samantha. A special shout out to Carrie for covering Samantha’s “maternity leave” and leading the kids through music and their performances during April and May. We are looking forward to the 2019-2020 Sunday School year, and have a teacher planning meeting set for August 18during the education hour to discuss the use of a new curriculum “Enduring Faith” through Concordia Publishing House. Thank you to all the parents and guardians for allowing us to minister to their children through Shepherd of the Valley Sunday School and we look forward to seeing them again in the fall. Have a blessed summer!

Greetings Church Family!
67! “67?” you ask. “What about 67 is significant?” Well, 67 of you completed the Re: Vitality survey! Thank you to everyone that was able to contribute to its success; 40 were completed on-line and 27 on paper. Our desired goal was at least 60 responses as it would provide the best cross-section of the congregation without getting a 100% response. The intent of the survey was to gain insight about where our church is at or essentially what do you, the congregation, think we, as a church body, are doing well and what we can do better. It’s an assessment of us. Overall the results of the survey were positive but there are areas where improvement is definitely needed. It’s not always comfortable to get feedback but staying in our “comfort zone” will keep us from growing in our faith, worship and service.
When my children were little they would always want to be measured to see how much they had grown in the last year. Each daughter would stand next to the door frame with their feet flat on the floor with their best possible posture as I held a ruler level on their head and marked their height with a pen on the frame. With much anticipation, they would turn to see the mark and then quickly their previous mark. Even if they had only grown a ¼ of an inch it was big deal! Of course I knew they had grown because their clothes didn’t fit and had spent several nights comforting children with pains in their legs as the bones grew. I like to think of this survey as our first mark on the wall. In the coming months, some of what were are doing isn’t going to “fit” anymore and we may have some growing pains. I look forward to sharing the details of the results and our next steps very soon. And like my children, I can’t wait to see where our next mark on the wall well be!
Your sister in Christ,
Ann Willoughby

“Main Street Living North” Programs for July 2019:

July 7: ADJUSTED SCHEDULE TODAY: Because the FOX Network will be airing a sports program this forenoon, we decided not record a new worship service for today. The WDAY/XTRA stations will be airing a re-broadcast of the worship service from last year’s 4th Sunday after Pentecost led by Rev. Sean Daenzer, Trinity Lutheran Church, Great Bend, ND, and Peace Lutheran Church, Barney, ND. This can be seen at 10:00am Central Time on WDAY Extra channel 594. The sermon is entitled: “A Church Full of Hypocrites” based on Luke 15:1-32. Today’s “This Is The Life” program is: “The Reluctant Witness”.

July 14: Rev. Dr. Karl Weber, St. John’s Lutheran Church, Ottertail, MN, and St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Richville, MN, presents the message: “The Good Samaritan” based on Luke 10:25-37. Today’s “This Is The Life” program is: “Harriett’s Wedding Day”.

July 21: Rev. Sean Daenzer, Trinity Lutheran Church, Great Bend, ND, and Peace Lutheran Church, Barney, ND, presents the message: “Our Callings” based on I Kings 19:11-21 & Luke 5:1-11. Today’s This Is The Life program is: “Tragedy Near a Small Town”.

July 28: Rev. Bernie Worral, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Fargo, ND, presents the message: “For the Sake of a Few” based on Genesis 18:25. Today’s “This Is The Life” program is: “Spite ”.

LCEF Consultant
Pastor Wolfgram has been invited to serve as a consultant for the Lutheran Church Extension Fund. After prayerful consideration and consultation with congregation leaders, Pastor Wolfgram has agreed to serve in this capacity. He will receive training to lead congregations through a process that Shepherd of the Valley recently completed called Vision Path. “I believe this is an opportunity to serve the church at large while I also serve God’s baptized children at Shepherd of the Valley.”
Vision Path helps congregations identify and state their beliefs, values, and mission. He will also receive training in other areas including capital campaign facilitator. The training will take place in St. Louis on July 1 & 2.
Shepherd of the Valley will be represented by two youth and Pastor Wolfgram at the LC-MS National Youth Gathering scheduled July 11-15 in Minneapolis, MN. Grayson and Gabriel Lawyer look forward to attending this amazing event and are grateful to Shepherd of the Valley for your support as they attend the Gathering. There will be a special “sending service” on July 7 and they will share highlights of the Gathering with Shepherd of the Valley on July 28.

*July 7 Kevin Brockel & Michel Henke 815am
Kari Kramer & Laith Hintz 1045am
July 14 Rob Burkhardsmeier & Robert Knutson 815am
Curt Krecklau & Dan Jackson 1045am
*July 21 Dwight Cook & Lonny Lang 815am
Bob Ziebarth & Justin Dever 1045am
July 28 Don Geinger & John Hoffman 815am
Cheryl Purdy & Leon Lippert 1045am

*July 7 Lowell & Corrin Fahrni 815am
Chuck & JoAnn Falkenstein 1045am
July 14 Marion Meske 815am
Leslie Watson 1045am
*July 21 Wayne & Joy Doll 815am
Pam Dever & Lily Dever 1045am
July 28 Becky & Jeremy Gildea 815am
Walter & Bernice Rehling 1045am

*July 7 Hunter P. 815am
Reagan D. 1045am
July 14 Miranda A. 815am
Blake N. 1045am
*July 21 Emma V. 815am
Daisy A. 1045am
July 28 Keityn H. 815am
Reese D. 1045am