PHONE 258-4231

Rev. Lester Wolfgram, Pastor

Rev. Justin Woodside, Pastor

November 15, 2020
Twenty Fourth Sunday After Pentecost

Divine Service Setting One LSB 151
Opening Hymn: “We Praise You And Acknowledge You To Be The Lord” LSB 941
Hymn Of The Day: “The Day Is Surely Drawing Near” LSB 508
Distribution Hymn: “Lord Jesus Christ With Us Abide” LSB 585
Closing Hymn: “Come Though Long Expected Jesus” LSB 338



Preacher:   Pastor Justin Woodside
Liturgist:   Pastor Les Wolfgram
Elder:   Martin Bjergaard
Accompanist:   Shirley Cook/Denise Wolfgram
Acolyte 8:15 AM Taylor B.
  10:45 AM Gavin V.


WELCOME!! We are glad that you have joined us this morning as we lift up our hearts and voices in response to God’s great gift of forgiveness and life in Christ Jesus. If you are a visitor, please sign our guest book and introduce yourself to Pastor Les Wolfgram and Pastor Justin Woodside.

AT SHEPHERD OF THE VALLEY LUTHERAN CHURCH we celebrate the Lord’s Supper in the confidence that we receive, along with the bread and wine, our Savior’s true body and blood “through and in which we obtain the forgiveness of sins.” Besides individually receiving Christ’s free gift of forgiveness in this sacrament, all those who commune make a confession of the faith that we believe and teach in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. To commune at this altar is to accept the doctrinal position of this congregation. Because of that common confession, we invite those who are members at sister Missouri Synod Churches to join us at the Lord’s Table. If you would like more information on our understanding of the Lord’s Supper, please visit with Pastor Wolfgram.

ROBERT KNUTSON IS GRACIOUSLY hosting the opportunity to purchase a beautiful wall photograph  with all proceeds going directly to Shepherd of the Valley.  This amazing opportunity is one day only, Saturday, November 21, from 12:00 – 4:00pm.  Come to The Photo Gallery 7300 Yukon Drive, Unit 2 in Bismarck.  It’s simple…  1)  Buy a wall photograph  2) Write the check to Shepherd of the Valley 3) 100% of the cost goes to Shepherd as a donation.  Thank you, Bob for your kind offer to help members support our congregation and take home a beautiful print.

THE FEAST OF ALL SAINTS took place on November 1. Since we were not able to offer “In-Person” service on that day, we did not have the opportunity to honor saints who have died in the Lord with our rose tribute. During services today, we will pause to remember and celebrate these loved ones with a parade of roses, honoring each person, one at a time. Blessed be the memory of our loved ones who have died in the Lord. Rest in peace. Rise in glory!

Pearl Johnson 5/26/2017 Todd and Sharon Schawagler  
Ardella Schwagler 3/19/2018 Todd and Sharon Schawagler  
George Johnson 4/6/2019 Todd and Sharon Schawagler  
Verna Reuther 7/7/2018 Dar and Brad Kautzman  
Herbert Reuther 7/2/2004 Dar and Brad Kautzman  
Colleen Miller 10/24/2016 Leona Mittag  
Art Wohl 1/29/2009 Kari Kramer  
Shirley Wohl 6/19/2020 Kari Kramer  
Anna, James & Carlo Dorrie Burkhardsmeier & Family  
Bob Burkhardsmeier 11/17/1977 Rob Burkhardsmeier & Family  

Darlene Bourn

Joel Leapaldt SOTV  
Fred Hartleib SOTV  
Jesse Brandner 2/14/2016 Marilyn Brandner  
Kim Brandner 9/24/2014 Marilyn Brandner  
Eileen Hojian Annie Hojian  
Lorraine Hojian Annie Hojian  
Ricky Hojian Annie Hojian  
Roland Backfisch 9/18/2020 Sydney Shepherd  
Barry Dockter 7/1/2002 Duaine & Lyla Dockter  
Elden, Mabel, Glen, Brian Dever Pam & Dick Dever  
Armond Isaak Pam & Dick Dever  
Jacob Dockter 5/24/2010 Curt & Lyn Krecklau  
Gilbert Krecklau 8/14/2015 Curt & Lyn Krecklau  
Phyllis Kreklau 10/25/2015 Curt & Lyn Krecklau  
Kathy Jean Olson 1951 Kim Jackson  
Evlyn Martin 2014 Laura and Bill Prokopyk  
Wasyl Prokopyk 1997 Laura and Bill Prokopyk  
Elizabeth Prokopyk 1993   Laura and Bill Prokopyk  
Lonnita Bentley 8/1/1984 Brandy, Logan, Hunter Peterson  
Hilmer Weidrich 9/4/2020 Brandy, Logan, Hunter Peterson  
Wilmer Meske 1/27/2013 Marion Meske  
Gordon Olson 5/2/2014 Kevin Olson Kim Jackson  
Delores Olson 11/4/2017 Kevin Olson Kim Jackson  
Chuck Vukelich 3/10/1994 Cathy and Tom Sitter  
Lauri Vukelich 5/10/1995 Cathy and Tom Sitter  

THE FALL VOTER’S MEETING will take place on Sunday, November 22nd at 9:30 during the education hour. We will consider the 2021 budget and hear reports from leadership boards. Plan to join us. If you would like to join via the internet, please contact the church office.

A THANKSGIVING EVE SERVICE will take place on Wednesday, November 25, at 7:00 PM. There will not be a service at Shepherd of the Valley on Thanksgiving Day.

ON SATURDAY, DECEMBER 5, you are invited to join us as we set up the Christmas tree and decorate the church in preparation for the Advent and Christmas season. We will gather at 9:30 am. Plan to join in the fun as we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Savior.

WE ARE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE that Grace Wolfgram has been assigned to serve her Director Of Christian Education internship at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Sioux City, IA. This year-long internship begins in January 2021. Thank you for your support of Grace during her time as a student at Concordia University in Seward, NE.

THANKS TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED in the Coffee and Pie Online with Martin Luther School last week.   MLS appreciates your prayers and support of Lutheran Education.

DUE TO COVID WE ARE USING single prepackaged treats for fellowship. Donations of treats or money in basket is appreciated. It cost around $15 for treats and coffee each Sunday. Thanks! Any questions: Cathy Sitter 400-5545 or Pam Dever 391-6332. Stewardship.

NEWSLETTER AND CALENDAR information is due to the church office by 12pm on Monday, November 23rd. Please submit any articles or calendar information to

THE BOARD OF YOUTH WILL BE packing Christmas Care Bags for Wachter Middle School students in transition. It is our goal to provide packages for 30 to 40 students consisting of personal care products, hats/gloves, fleece blankets, games, and snacks. A display board and collection location will be setup in the narthex and we will be packaging all items received Sunday December 13th after the late service. Cash will also be accepted and can be given to Laith Hintz, Justin Dever, Tamara Dallmann-Holeton, or Pastor. Please consider supporting this important service project for our community!

20/20 CLEAR VISION IS THE THEME for the Middle School mini-lock in scheduled for Friday, November 20, 6:00-10:00 pm at Bethel Lutheran Church.  Games, devotion, Bible Study, and supper will be served.  Youth in senior high are invited to help with the event.  $10.00 registration fee.  (Free to Sr. High students who help with the event)  Contact Pat Sebastian 701-471-3289 or Carlee Nelson 701-805-1877 to register.

SENIOR HIGH LOCK WILL FOLLOW the Middle School mini lock in and run from 10:00 pm – 7:00 am on November 20.  Devotion, games, Bible study and food will provide fun for the entire night.  Girls bring sweet snack and guys bring salty snack of “Junk Food” to share.  $10.00 per person plus money for breakfast at Perkins.   Contact Pat Sebastian 701-471-3289 or Carlee Nelson 701-805-1877 to register.  Join us as we consider 20/20 Clear Vision.

THE HUMAN CARE COMMITTEE is looking for donation for the LFP (Little Free Pantry). Over the last several months we have stocked the pantry with items that are most needed by the community. Because of this, our supply has been extremely low, and we are running out of supplies to keep the LFP stocked. This is a great outreach project for our Church as it helps feed those in need in the community. If you would like to simply fill the LFP every now and then, that would be wonderful. However, if you would like, you could purchase supplies that can be put on our LFP shelves in the coat room. These supplies are put in the LFP on a regular basis. Here is a list of suggested items that are put in the pantry:

Suggested Donation Items for Little Free Pantry

 Almond milk  Applesauce  Baby Cereal

 Baby Food  Baby Wipes  Band Aids  Beans

 Beef Jerky  BIBLE  Boxed Meals  Breakfast bars

 Candy  Canned chicken  Canned fruit

 Canned roast beef  Canned salmon  Canned tuna

 Canned vegetables  Cereal- hot or cold  Chap stick

 Chips  Cleaning supplies  Coffee  Conditioner

 Cup a soup  Crackers  Dehydrated milk  Deodorant  Diapers  Disinfectant Wipes  Dish scrubber

 Dish soap  Dried beans  Dried fruits  Dried lentils

 Dried peas  Dried vegetables  Energy bar

 Face masks  Feminine personal hygiene items  Flour

 Fruit juice  Fruit snacks  Garbage bags  Gas cards

 Gift cards  Granola bars  Hairbrushes

 Hand sanitizer  Hand soap  Honey  Infant formula  Jelly  Juice boxes  Ketch-up  Laundry detergent

 Liquid Hand Soap  Lotion  Mac & cheese

 Meals in a box  Meat sticks  Mustards  Napkins

 Noodles  Notebooks  Nuts  Oil  Pancake mix

 Pancake syrup  Paper plates  Paper towels  Pasta

 Peanut Butter  Pens/Pencils  Plastic bags

 Plastic silverware  Pop tarts  Pull-ups

 Pre-packaged (rice sides, pasta sides, potato sides)

 Protein bars  Protein powder  Quinoa

 Raisins  Ramen  Rice  Rice Krispies Bars

 Rubber gloves  Salsa  Seed Butter  Seeds

 Shampoo  Shampoo/Body Wash 2 in 1

 Slim Jims  Snacks  Soap

 Socks (new-excellent condition)  Soups  Soy milk

 Spaghetti sauce  Stews  Sugar  Tea  Tissues

 Toilet paper  Toothbrushes  Toothpaste  V8 Juice

 Vegetables (fresh from garden)

 Winter gloves/hats (new-excellent condition)

Note: These are suggested donations, additional items may be donated. Please do not donate any medications (over the counter or prescription) or any items that can be potentially dangerous including razor blades and cleaning chemicals. Please keep in mind North Dakota’s extreme weather conditions (both hot and cold) may impact which items should be placed in the pantry and place when seasonably appropriate.


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